Make Offices Green Again: 5 Eco-Friendly Office Ideas for Your Next Reno

5 Eco Friendly Office Ideas For Your Next Reno

If your office is due for a remodel, it’s time to put some eco-friendly ideas to use.

The obvious benefit is that you will be helping to reduce your business’ carbon footprint. But what you might not realize is that you could also save your company some cash.

Some studies even suggest that you could boost your employees’ productivity by simply giving them an eco-friendly space to work in.

Keep reading to learn 5 eco-friendly office ideas that you need to consider for your next renovation.

  1. Utilize Natural Light

The best green ideas are those that are not only eco-friendly, but that can also save you money and make your employees happier.

Utilizing as much natural light is always a good idea.

You’ll cut back on electricity costs during daytime work hours. Plus, studies have shown that more exposure to natural light can be great for employee morale as well.

  1. Make Recycling a Priority

If you’re going to be completely remodeling your office space, you’ll have to chance to move around certain elements to make them more convenient.

One important green office feature that you might want to move is your recycling center.

All offices, even small ones, go through a lot of waste. From paper products to the packaging your employees’ lunches go in, your office likely tosses tons of paper, cardboard, and plastic right in the trash.

Prioritizing having a recycling hub for properly sorting and tossing recyclables helps make offices more green.

  1. Encourage Ridesharing

Not all green tips for the office are for inside your building.

Another great way to help your office and employees go green is by encouraging everyone to commute and rideshare.

If simply educating your employees on the environmental benefits of ridesharing or using public transit isn’t enough, you might consider taking more drastic effort.

Adding parking kiosks to your normally free lots is a great way to spark a trend in ridesharing or alternative commuting options.

  1. Go Paperless

While adding a recycling center to your office is a definite must, you can also take this green tip one step further by going paperless as much as possible.

Installing new tech options that allow your employees to communicate, write notes, and work on the web rather than with a paper and pen will help reduce your office’s carbon footprint.

  1. Reuse and Repurpose

Maybe you can’t change your building’s architecture to make it more eco-friendly.  But even the products and supplies you use to remodel your office can be eco-friendly.

Choosing go-green products like responsibly sourced flooring and energy-efficient appliances are the obvious choices.

But reusing or repurposing old office furnishings, or shopping second-hand stores for items you need, is another great way to make your office remodel more eco-friendly.

Putting Green Office Ideas to Use

Any of the green office ideas on this list can be great for reducing your business’ carbon footprint, saving you money, and helping improve your office morale.

If you’re preparing for an eco-friendly upgrade to your office, check out this minimalist, open office to help you get inspired.

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