Kiki Coffee: Contemporary Interior with Blue Walls in One of the Best Cafes in Hiroshima

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Kiki Coffee is one of the best cafes in Hiroshima, Japan. It has a contemporary interior with beautiful blue walls designed by Suppose Design Office. Besides the delicious food and its best services, this cafe offers a comfortable space for all visitors to enjoy their free time with friends and family.


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The entrance area of Kiki Coffee is designed with a wood-framed glass door. Inside the cafe, the visitors will be welcomed with a contemporary interior and beautiful blue walls. The wood elements are also used through furniture such as a table, storage, chairs, including the ceiling design.



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Some parts of the wall are made from the concrete, especially in the seating area near the entrance. In this area, the blue stools are used to match the blue walls inside. The small lamps with long cables can bring a warm sensation and also beautify the interior.



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Most of the furniture in Kiki Coffee is a custom designed. In the entrance and near the window, the wall mounted table is made to give more spaces for the cafe’s visitors. In the middle area, there is a big wooden table used with a long bench.



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The blue color is not only used to paint the walls but also the bathroom door. This color is applied without any other additional colors, it is plain and clean. The contemporary interior in this cafe is not designed with a lot of accessories and decoration. There is only one wall-mounted rack at the corner of the room.

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