Hotel KOE Tokyo: A New Culture for A New Hotel with Industrial Interior Design

Hotel Koe Tokyo 10

Designed by Suppose Design Office in March 2018, Hotel KOE Tokyo becomes an amazing hotel with its industrial interior design. This hotel is designed with a global perspective to embody the ‘New Basic for New Culture’, the brand concept of this hotel lifestyle.


Hotel Koe Tokyo 10

Hotel Koe Tokyo 9

The main idea of Hotel KOE Tokyo is about designing a new hotel with an interesting industrial interior based on the keywords: Music, Fashion, and Stay. The combination of ordinary and extraordinary things can create an awesome industrial interior design with new experiences and culture for the guests.



Hotel Koe Tokyo 8

Hotel Koe Tokyo 7

The special events are held on the first floor of the hotel, a place for music and food. The shop of KOE can be found on the second floor for all fashion lovers. And the third floor is used as a place for hotel guest rooms with lounge. All floors offer amazing experiences from shopping to dining, accommodation, and special events.



Hotel Koe Tokyo 6

Hotel Koe Tokyo 5

In the hotel guest rooms, the industrial interior is combined with modern elements and the Tea Ceremony Room concept. Based on this traditional Japanese culture concept, all of the used materials can create high-quality spaces in a modern and plain style.



Hotel Koe Tokyo 4

Hotel Koe Tokyo 3

Most of the bedrooms are designed in a strong dark atmosphere. Even the walls are painted in black, it is different from the bedroom floor. This floor is made from the best wood material ever, offering a warmer atmosphere to the room. The bathroom has the same dark atmosphere with the black and grey tiles.



Hotel Koe Tokyo 2

Hotel Koe Tokyo 1

One of the best facilities can be found in the bedroom. The unique bed is designed with awesome technology. It has a control panel that can be reached easily by the guest to access a lot of things, including turning on and off the lamp.

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