Jive Software: Modern Workspace with Socially and Open Transparent Environment

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In Silicon Valley, Jive is the most fast-growing companies among others. This company has a social media collaboration software which is about “wide receiver” of ideas and filtering the information. This kind of software will able to reach the best solutions quickly. Today, the modern workspace of Jive Software has a new design with socially and open transparent environment.


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Jive Software wants to facilitate their workers with the best workspace ever. That’s why they tasked some best designers only to make a good workspace with the same goodness of their software. It will the company itself grow fast with a better development.



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Only in five months, this workspace project has been completed. The design that Jive wants is about A-list design based on Silicon Valley’s brightest talent design standard. The 18,500-square-foot of the space is designed well to establish a good attitude.



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The environment inside the Jive’s workspace is socially and also open transparent. It shows by the company’s culture, especially the information sharing. You also can find the linear elements and brand colors that create an energetic workspace.



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Creating a fresh workspace, some colors are used to make the interior feels great. Some furniture and workspace divider is not only white but also yellow and blue. You can also see the same thing in the lounge area, the yellow and blue chairs are beautifully decorating the interior.



Jive Software 11

The visitor will be welcomed by the illuminated glass wall. This wall is used to be the main object for the doodles and the notes by employees and the guests. The light wall makes the effect comes in an attractive way for everyone who sees it.

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