Cafe Datel: A Comfortable Cafe with Minimalist Interior and Environment-Friendly Details

Cafe Datel 3

The interior design of Cafe Datel is designed by Kurz Archi. With 200 meter square, the minimalist interior is created together with some environment-friendly details. This 2017 project located in České Budějovice and becomes a good chance for Jan and Zuzana as the owner to show how much they love coffee.


Cafe Datel 1

Cafe Datel is not only about coffee but also about cakes and pieces of bread. With the minimalist interior design, the architect tries to provide a perfect spot for Zuza to make wonderful cakes and beautiful pieces of bread. The details for the interior design is also used to create a comfortable and quiet cafe.



Cafe Datel 2

The very high vault ceiling can be seen from the whole area of the cafe, it is preserved in its pure form. Besides the ceiling, the cascade counter becomes an interesting thing too with its solid and steady element. This counter is a contact point with the rum, cake, newspaper, and coffee.



Cafe Datel 3

Around the cafe perimeter walls, there are some seating benches that change into a comfortable couch with shelves and pillows. The environment-friendly details come from many things, such as colorful pillows, dinosaurs, newspaper, flower pots, old chairs, and open windows as a cafe practical element.


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