GCA Savvian: New Simple Office with San Francisco Elegant Landmark View

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GCA Savvian is the best international investment bank has a new simple office located in the middle of San Fransisco landmark. This company is popular for its expert in some focuses like communications, digital media, media, software, and also technology. Their new office is designed by increasing the office space and also the conference center capacity by RMW.


GCA Savvian 1

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Previously, GCA office was located at 150 California St. They moved to Del Monte executive headquarters, located at One Maritime Plaza. Today, their new office is not only comfortable but also provides elegant views of San Fransisco.



GCA Savvian 3

GCA Savvian 4

The main goal of RMW as the main architect design is creating a simple and comfortable workspace for the company by consolidating to the building floor. They also increase the use of office and conference center capacity space.



GCA Savvian 5

GCA Savvian 6

GCA’s new office has 18,338 square feet for its total area. This total area enabled RMW to design and create a simple workplace. RMW also uses the company’s character to the whole interior of the office, describing the company’s vision to all people.



GCA Savvian 7

The interior shows the GCA global focus. The design also supports the strong balance of private, collaborative, and open spaces. With the large glass wall, this new office facilitates the best view of Bay and San Fransisco landscape.

Via rmw

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