Inked Flat: Contemporary Interior of A Warm Flat with Creative Arts

The contemporary interior design in Inked Flat is designed and planned by Denis Rakaev. This flat has a warm atmosphere with awesome creative arts in some rooms. The natural colors from the furniture and the wood material make the whole interior looks perfect as a living place for a family. Inked Flat is located in Kiev with 60 square meters of the total area. It has been realized in 2012.


Inked Flat 6

Inked Flat 5

The main focus of Inked Flat interior is about creating a contemporary interior which is very interesting. That’s why the architect uses some creative arts to decor the interior of some rooms. The furniture comes in a warm grey color, it is matched well with the grey walls and the wooden floor.



Inked Flat 4

Inked Flat 3

The public rooms in Inked Flat is a little bit different from the private room like a bedroom. With the same wooden floor design, the bed comes in a beautiful white color. The living room is decorated with a soft color of a wall while the bedroom has a unique wall designed with concrete material.



Inked Flat 2

Inked Flat 1

One of the design keys to support the contemporary interior of this flat is the way to choose the furniture type. Most of the furniture has a simple, elegant shape and form. Even the board of the bed is designed with a small grey sofa. Other types of furniture like chairs, cabinet, and also TV also have the same color design with each other.

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