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Bro House: A Modern Language of Architectural Design for A House Renovation

In January 2018, Idearch Studio has been completed a renovation project of a house. Bro House is renovated with an idea to give the client an open concept of his house with multiple configurations. A modern language of architectural design is used, forcing the house to be open to changes. The concrete materials used inside the house can add a little touch of industrial design.

Diaphanous Renovation: A House Renovation with Wooden Structure and Brick Walls

Diaphanous Renovation is a 2018 project by Idearch Studio located in Madrid, Spain for a musician. The fourth part of the architect’s Multiplying Architectures is presented in this 753 ft2 house. Working on a too dark and close preexistent estate, this house is renovated to create a representative¬†and new identity with wooden structure and brick walls.