Tilley Row Homes: White Row Homes with Simple and Modern Interior

Tilley Row Homes 2

Designed by Michael Hsu from Hsu Office, Tilley Row Homes are beautiful white row homes with simple and modern interior design. The row form makes these homes look interesting from a distance. The interior design is supported by the use of some natural materials and colors, creating an awesome modern style.


Tilley Row Homes 16

Tilley Row Homes 15

Tilley Row Homes 14

Tilley Row Homes 13

Michael Hsu uses white color as the main color to design both interior and exterior area of these homes. These homes also have black frames on its windows and doors, showing more clear lines to show the parts of the homes.



Tilley Row Homes 12

Tilley Row Homes 11

Tilley Row Homes 10

Tilley Row Homes 9

With the large sizes, all rooms in Tilley Row Homes are also large too, including the bathroom and the kitchen. The public rooms like the kitchen, dining area, and living room are located on the ground floor. While the bathroom and bedroom can be found on the upper floor.



Tilley Row Homes 8

Tilley Row Homes 7

Tilley Row Homes 6

Tilley Row Homes 5

The modern interior design is made with a support from some best materials that Michales uses. For example, the use of wood is not only for flooring inside the homes but also for the exterior wall. The architect also chooses other unique materials, such as beautifully patterned tiles.



Tilley Row Homes 4

Tilley Row Homes 3

Tilley Row Homes 2

Tilley Row Homes 1

Basically, these homes have a modern interior design in a simple style. With less-decoration, the interior feels comfortable and cozy as a living place. The natural colors like white and grey are combines with natural materials like wood, creating a modern and warm interior design at the same time too.

Credits: Tilley Row Homes (hsuoffice.com)Chase Daniel & Breathe Design Studio

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