House Viljoen: A Modern House with Vernacular Cape Dutch Style

Completed in 2014, House Viljoen is one of the most beautiful houses in Stellenbosch, Western Cape. Designed by Hugo Hamity Architects, this house is overlooking a vineyard with uninterrupted views. This house also becomes a modern interpretation of the vernacular Cape Duct style with a unique structure and finish.


House Viljoen 1

House Viljoen 2

House Viljoen 3

This beautiful house is situated in the Western Cape and overlooking a vineyard. The plan layout for this house is centered around the open courtyard that has a pool and at the same time also maintaining the stunning views of the vineyard behind.



House Viljoen 4

House Viljoen 5

House Viljoen 6

Off the courtyard, there is an internal circulation that links the house entrance with the bedrooms and the open plan living kitchen area. All bedrooms in this house are en-suite, designed with an elegant and soft interior. Through the large glazing doors and walls, there are a lot of beautiful views that can be seen from inside the house.



House Viljoen 7

House Viljoen 8

This awesome house also becomes a modern interpretation of the vernacular Cape Dutch style. It is designed with a black roof finish and white plastered walls. This house features a modern take too on traditional chimneys. In order to bring a bright atmosphere, the white walls of the house are also highlighted with lightings.


House Viljoen Gallery


Photography: Hugo Hamity Architects

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