Sunny Chicago Suburb Rental: An Artist’s Home with Eclectic Interior and Old-New Style

Sunny Chicago Suburb Rental 7

Sunny Chicago Suburb Rental is an artist’s home located in Lombard, Illinois. The owner lives with his partner and their dog, Marsha. The total area of this apartment is 1,035 square feet with an eclectic interior and old-new style. With eclectic interior design, the owner can keep it personal with some creativities.


Sunny Chicago Suburb Rental 7

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Eclectic interior is about a freedom. It is an interior design that allows you to design and decor your apartment and your house as you wish. It can be seen from the use of many colors inside this apartment. With a lot of colorful art frames and variation of furniture, this apartment looks fun and also interesting.


Living Room

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There is a lot of mid-century style furniture in the living room. Some of them are new and the old stuff comes from antique shops. The owner tries to mix and match all things, as long as it feels comfortable and cozy. All paintings on the living rooms can decorate the eclectic interior well.



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When the living room is full of a lot of colors, it is different from the bedroom. The owner loves to have a simple bedroom interior with a white bed. The simplicity makes it less of stuff, creating a comfortable room to relax and sleep.


Dining Area

Sunny Chicago Suburb Rental 1

Sunny Chicago Suburb Rental 8

The dining area is tiny, it is not large just like the living room. The wooden furniture like chairs and table can create a simple interior in this area. Surely with an artistic frame too on the wall, this dining area looks more beautiful. In the future, the owner wishes to have a larger dining area to invite more friends.

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