5 Awesome Home Decor for Living Room

Northwest Peach Farm 6

Your living room is the best place for your family or your friends to gather inside your house. Besides its comfortably, this room should be decorated awesomely. Home decor for the living room is necessary, especially when you want to have a decorative and inviting room. Need more inspiration? Here are some awesome home decors for living rooms to inspire you.


1. The Ladder Kitchen by Fraher and Findlay

The Ladder Kitchen 8

This detached Victorian House has a beautiful living room that places in the same space as the kitchen and dining area. The decoration in this room of the Ladder Kitchen is done by using a large green sofa that becomes the main highlight.

Photographer: Adam Scott


2. Chestnut Road by Russian for Fish

Chestnut Road 4

It is a link of five detached bedrooms which proportioned and spacious. Besides its awesome bedrooms, Chestnut Road also has a comfortable and warm living room. The main home decor in this room comes from its wooden floor.

Photography: Russian for Fish


3. College Road by Russian for Fish

College Road 8

This three-bedroom Victorian terrace has a comfortable space with minimalist modern interiors. These modern interiors also can be found in its living room. The home decor for the living room in College Road comes with a white surface on its interior and decorated with a strong presence with the black chair and grey sofa.

Photographer: Russian for Fish


4. Northwest Peach Farm by Bates Masi Architects

Northwest Peach Farm 6

As the best place for the family next generations, Northwest Peach Farm has a modern living room surrounded by glazed walls. Besides the high ceiling, this living room is also beautified by its wooden floor, white rug, and beautiful lighting.

Photographer: Michale Moran


5. Georgica Close by Bates Masi Architects

Georgica Close 11

This single-family residence is designed with a steel frame and elevated floor level that made after careful research and examination. For the living room in Georgica Close, the wicker rug can add a contemporary rug while the furniture and wood elements complement the entire design of the room.

Photographer: Bates Masi Architects

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