Casa Victoria: Sweets Shop with Retro Interior and Pastel Colors Design

Casa Victoria 11

Casa Victoria has a new concept design for its interior. With a retro interior, natural textures, soft shapes, and pastel colors, this sweets shop can show their product expression in a good way. The main idea is not only about offering the delicious sweet food only but also providing an incredible shop space for all sweet lovers.


Casa Victoria 11

Casa Victoria 10

Casa Victoria 9

A retro interior is a new concept for Casa Victoria. This concept is also supported by most of the manufactured furniture inside this shop. Every detail, furniture, and also interior elements come with a different story.



Casa Victoria 8

Casa Victoria 7

Casa Victoria 6

The interior design gets a special attention, especially for the details. The cake shape comes from the flooring mosaic and the main subject for the interior design is the ludic vibe. Some elements have soft round shapes with lampshades and circular central wall.



Casa Victoria 5

Casa Victoria 4

Casa Victoria 3

The space depth can split this shop area into two, an intimate zone for clients and an entry or selling area. Those two areas are connected by a bar. There is also a green zone right behind those areas. This green zone is designed just like a small inner courtyard.



Casa Victoria 2

Casa Victoria 1

With a purpose to create a retro interior, the materials that it used can be found in a fun playful of “drawers” on the bar which is displayed. The contrast materials like brass letters, wooden objects, with pastel tones and soft shapes can create a good dynamic scenography to this shop space.

Via yellowoffice

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