No.192 Tianlin Road: A Large Building Renovation with Facade and Landscape Combination

No.192 Tianlin Road 4

Previously, this building was an office building for the instrument company located in Tianlin Road, No. 192, Xuhui District, Shanghai. After the renovation, this large building becomes an office for Shuangchuang on the first and third floor. The second floor is used to be the Microsoft’s eighth global incubator. Atelier Archmixing has renovated this building by combining the facade and landscape.


No.192 Tianlin Road 1

No.192 Tianlin Road 7

The renovation on the building facade is combining the landscape with the office facade. The architect adds new structure, especially in the landscape from the southwest area into the office entrance. It will integrate the divided site and facade.



No.192 Tianlin Road 2

No.192 Tianlin Road 3

The renovation is also done in front of the building, from the parking area to the roadshow and sports space. The facade of the building is repainted with the classic color of Microsoft, green, blue, yellow, and also red. The base color comes from the light grey like a concrete.



No.192 Tianlin Road 4

No.192 Tianlin Road 5

No.192 Tianlin Road 6

The building becomes simple if you see its appearance. The incubation concept is highlighting with the local lively color. The design strategy continues to the building interior with the open office concept for Shuangchuang and Microsoft, inspired by the “island-space” layout.



No.192 Tianlin Road 8

No.192 Tianlin Road 9

The office space is large and also open as possible. The conference room is small and the subsidiary space is added and enclosed. The interior color of the office makes space is lively, offering a fun and relaxed office area.

Via archmixing

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