Tulum Treehouse: A Uniquely Beautiful and Welcoming Collaborative Space in the Middle of Tropical Jungle

Tulum Treehouse 10

It is a uniquely beautiful and welcoming collaborative space situated between the Caribbean coastline on the vibrant of Tulum, Mexico. Tulum Treehouse offers comfortable facilities with windows that open to the spectacular views of the jungle. It is the best place where one can enjoy the surrounding nature and also experience rich culture.


Tulum Treehouse 1

Tulum Treehouse 2

Tulum Treehouse 3

Tulum Treehouse 4

Tulum Treehouse 5

Tulum Treehouse 6

This awesome place has an open-air restaurant, five guest rooms, a shop by Xinú, and a working studio with an outdoor ceramics kiln. The windows open to the outdoor dining areas. There is also a massive 20-person rooftop dining table that looks out onto the awesome views of the jungle and surrounding.



Tulum Treehouse 7

Tulum Treehouse 8

Tulum Treehouse 9

Tulum Treehouse 10

Tulum Treehouse 11

Tulum Treehouse 12

The makers from the architect have different backgrounds but these are united in their awesome commitment, especially to use local, organic, sustainable materials to create a uniquely beautiful and welcoming collaborative space.

The locally sourced Tzalam wood looks in contrast with the house and the polished white cement. Through the tranquil rooms, the airflow and light are completed with Oaxacan rugs, local textiles and ceramics, and also bespoke furnishings by Mexican artisans.



Tulum Treehouse 13

Tulum Treehouse 14

Tulum Treehouse 15

Tulum Treehouse 16

Tulum Treehouse 17

Tulum Treehouse 18

Tulum is a place of chaos, promise, and potential today, like the Marrakesh Medina or South Beach in the ’80s. The creative heart is the Treehouse where artists residencies, ecological seminars, craft workshops, and musical performances can nurture a dynamic conversation about the future of Tulum and also draw inspiration from the Yucatan’s rich culture.

Tulum Treehouse 19

Tulum Treehouse 20

Tulum Treehouse 21

Tulum Treehouse 22

Tulum Treehouse 23

This project creates an awesome and comfortable gathering place where people can get inspired by its surroundings and experience a different atmosphere through the facilities, design, and also architecture of the building.


Tulum Treehouse Gallery


Photography: Brechenmacher & Baumann Photography

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