Bauhaus: A Modern Building Complex for A Perfect Overnight Stay

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Bauhaus is the main building in Dessau, designed by Walter Gropius. It is the best building for all visitors with its modernism for more new experiences. Bauhaus is designed with complete accommodation and awesome facilities. A perfect building to stay overnight.


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The whole studios are recreated with a clear atmosphere. All materials, a floor plan, and original furniture are returned to the original state in a meticulous detail. The details also can be seen on the building structure.



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Bauhaus 4

The studio building is high and set back from the main building of the school in 1926. It becomes a masterpiece of an early modernist architecture. The 28 rooms accommodated the people like Josef Albers, Hannes Meyer, Marcel Breuer once.



Bauhaus 5

Bauhaus 6

The rate for a single room starts for 40 Euros, 50 Euros for one room of the carefully reconstructed rooms, and 60 Euros for a double room. The carefully reconstructed rooms are dedicated to Josef and Anni Albers, Josef and Anni Albers for their great achievements in a furniture design.



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Bauhaus 8

Each bedroom has a simple interior design. The bathrooms and showers are shared, located on each floor of the building. The whole room designs are made based on Bauhaus style which is different from other designs.

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