Ypenburg: A New Housing Development with A Different Suburban Typology

Ypenburg 1

This new housing development is located in Ypenburg, the Hague. The neighborhood consists of some grouped islands with a different suburban typology on each of them. The project is designed by MVRDV, creating more than 900 homes in 6 ha of the total area.


Ypenburg 1

Ypenburg 2

The environment design is focused on creating the most intense water-focused, offering an attraction of the site and also position it as a better place than other places. This is realized by turning the awesome housing area into a great archipelago of islands with houses.



Ypenburg 3

Ypenburg 4

MVRDV is not only working on the whole master plan for this huge project but also for the typologies architecture of the Patio Island, the Hedge Island, and the Watervillas. This project is creating some row houses, patio houses, and also enclosed blocks.



Ypenburg 5

Ypenburg 6

There are some different living environments on each island such as houses around a court, garden houses, and patio houses. MVRDV also makes a great opportunity for investment in another island with new experimental environments too.

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