Tree House: A Timeless, Big Home with A Dramatic Entertainment Setting

Tree House 16

Tree House is located in India and designed by Swanzal Kak Kapoor from World Architecture. This big home is timeless and designed with a dramatic entertainment setting as the client request. Tree House today becomes a quiet retreat to enjoy the sunset with a memorable experience.


Tree House 1

Tree House 2

Tree House 3

Tree House 4

The main concept of Tree House is about a protective shade of the tree canopy in the city context. Previously, the site is an agricultural land without any vegetation. That’s why the architect has an idea to build a home nestles under the sun with the metal tree canopy.



Tree House 5

Tree House 6

Tree House 7

Tree House 8

The architect uses a timeless home as the design approach for Tree House. It will alive at night with a wonderful view. The main use of this home is an entertainment space with a strong presence with the earth, sky, and also sun around it.



Tree House 9

Tree House 10

Tree House 11

Tree House 12

The architect responses the client request by creating a home as a retreat. The facade is made from the oxidized steel with a color change including the riverbed Teakstome, Ironi, and also the oiled Thermo-oak. The Aravali pallet is designed from the brown, gold, and grey of rust.



Tree House 13

Tree House 14

Tree House 15

Tree House 16

Tree House has a strong architecture which is innovative. It has a great dynamic line of its teak stone walls, the tree column branching structure, and also the courtyards. The peace sense can be felt in all spaces of the house with the magical views, pattern, and light inside the house.

Via worldarchitecture

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