5 Simple Home Decor Ideas

Kentfield 6

When you don’t have time or a lot of budget, decorating your home in a simple way is also a good idea. Simple home decor will make your home looks modern and elegant. You can use your family photo frames, a pot of plants, or a patterned rug to decorate your home easily. Need more ideas? Here are simple home decor ideas for more inspiration.


1. The Weaving House by Fraher and Findlay

The Weaving House 6

This large detached Edwardian House has a decorative living area that comes from its furniture. In Weaving House, the living area is decorated by using unique chairs. These chairs come in a unique shape with different colors, surrounding the large wooden table.

Photographer: Adam Scott


2. Sommarhus T by Johan Sundberg Arkitektur

Sommarhus T 8

This summer house is decorated in a simple way that can be seen in its living area. Sommarhus T has a beautiful living area that beautified and decorated with green cushions on the chairs. The wood elements in this room come from the table and floor, creating a neutral look that is perfect for a summer house.

Photographer: Markus Linderoth


3. Villa Nyckelpiga by Johan Sundberg Arkitektur

Villa Nyckelpiga 2

The simple home decor in this modern house can be seen in its reading area. Villa Nyckelpiga has a small reading area that faces the awesome view outside the house that can be seen through the glazed wall. Besides a small bench, this area is decorated with beautiful art on its wall.

Photography: Johan Sundberg Arkitektur


4. Villa Lima by Johan Sundberg Arkitektur

Villa Lima 3

Need a simple home decor idea for your kitchen? Take a look at this awesome kitchen in Villa Lima. Besides using wooden elements and a white look, this kitchen is also beautified by small plants that put near the window.

Photographers: Kasper Dudzik, Vidir Geirson


5. Kentfield by Studio VARA

Kentfield 6

The main home decoration in the living area of this ranch home is the beautiful art on its wall. The new interior design of Kentfield is inspired by the art collection of the client that also used to decorate the rooms.

Photographer: Bruce Damonte

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