Groos Rotterdam: Transformation of Contemporary Shop and Interiors

Groos Rotterdam 6

Gross has been succeeded in four years as a creative hub Schieblock concept store. Today, it moves to a dynamic and bigger space at Het Industriegebouw. This new shop is designed by MVRDV by restoring the interior and the facade to the industrial root which is original. Groos Rotterdam is 2017 project and located in Rotterdam, the Netherlands.


Groos Rotterdam 1

Groos Rotterdam 2

Groos Rotterdam becomes a leading example for the promotion of contemporary things, especially in culture, food, art, and world design. This awesome promotion hopefully can introduce the contemporary design of Rotterdam to the world.



Groos Rotterdam 3

Groos Rotterdam 4

Groos Rotterdam becomes the only store with a different direction of art, collaborations, and high-end design focus. The store also keeps its original concept about promoting the Rotterdam local talent to the wider audience.



Groos Rotterdam 5

Groos Rotterdam 6

The original artworks of this store come from the bright pink wall with a custom-made mint green candy counter. This counter is designed by Sabine Marcelis, a great designer with a lot of awesome design result for the interior.



Groos Rotterdam 7

Groos Rotterdam 8

MVRDV tries to design this store by restoring the space in it to the original form. They also make the shop looks compact by making a Rotterdam custom-built cabinet. This cabinet is made with a special design for the floor space, allowing the space to be used maximally.

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