The Couch: A New Open Clubhouse for the Tennis Club

The Couch 8

IJburg is a name of a new district located at the east of Amsterdam. There are a lot of things to attract the people to visit this new district, including the tennis club, IJburg Tennis Club. With more than 1000 members, IJburg Tenni Club has a new clubhouse that will be the club’s activities center. This new open clubhouse is designed by MVRDV in 2013.


The Couch 1

The Couch 2

The main goal of this new clubhouse design is providing the best facilities for the members that can be accessed easily. It is not a private club, it is free of charge. This clubhouse becomes a meeting place for the old and young people.



The Couch 3

The Couch 4

MVRDV designs this new clubhouse by creating a building with an iconic function that can provide a club overlooking the water and also a viewing platform. They also combine the typology by considering some things, such as the roof typology.



The Couch 5

The Couch 6

The Couch can seat up more than 200 people. This new clubhouse has a cafeteria for the visitors, so they can grab a healthy snack or a coffee or even meet friends. It becomes a central gathering too. The living room also becomes a community part for this clubhouse.



The Couch 7

The Couch 8

The open volume design of the Couch is completed with the facilities on each side like a toilet, kitchen, storage, and also dressing rooms. The interior is constructed with the concrete which is clad with the FSC-certified wood.

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