Hagen Island: Four Long and Monotonous Strips of Less Expensive Housing

Hagen Island 3

Because of the economic constraints of a house, MVRDV designed the four long and monotonous strips of less expensive housing in Hagen Island. The design comes with a more open space with a garden-like environment. The houses are designed in a simple style with one door and one material only to reduce the costs.


Hagen Island 1

The Hagen Island can help the people to have less expensive housing. That’s why this project is located on this island, creating four long “bars” that fit well with the site. The bars can be split and also cut to make a more open space with a large garden.



Hagen Island 2

The design of the housing can increase the social diversity and also communication between one family to another family too. Every single unit of the house is placed at some various locations on some plots, in the end, the middle, or the front area.



Hagen Island 3

MVRDV uses two methods to design this housing project. They create a ring road with large parking lots located around the four rows. The infrastructure is transformed into a pedestrianized and the friendly environment has been created for the children.



Hagen Island 4

The house only has one material with one type of doors and also no gutters. This design will reduce the cost well and create a strong character on it. The house is perfect to be used for anything that the owner needs such as extra windows, cages, and even light fixtures which are easy to be placed in the house.



Hagen Island 5

Reducing the costs is not easy at all. The architect needs to test and select some series of materials to get a perfect result of a house. The material that they choose is not only about less expensive materials but also a material that can create an awareness in a healthy life.

Hagen Island 6

The materials are combined with the types of the unit to create a good recognition. A market research is used to compose and elect the developed blocks of the house. With this awesome way, the housing project in this island can facilitate more families to have a good place to live.

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