Eco House, Fitzroy North: An Eco-Friendly House with The Use of Eco-Friendly Materials

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Located in Fitzroy North and designed by Zen Architects, Eco House is designed to respond to the brief of the client for a site that utilized locally produced, sustainability sourced, organic, or recycled materials. It is an eco-friendly house designed with the use of eco-friendly materials and supported by natural ventilation through windows.


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The brief of this project is realized through the use of eco-friendly materials including triple glazed windows, locally sourced timbers, thermal mass in the concrete slab, Earthwool insulation made from recycled glass, and also ecycled bricks.



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This house still can accommodate a family of six although it sits on a small box. The house building is also oriented north for passive solar gain while the living rooms benefit from the unobstructed solar gain on the first floor. Adjustable shades are used to control the summer heat loads and these are made from recycled ship sail canvas.



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There are mechanically operable clerestory windows above the central stair void that facilitate natural ventilation, drawing air up through the house smoothly. 100% green power sourced from the energy provider and roof-mounted photovoltaics can produce a low-consumption environment. The result of this project is an efficient building with a lot of benefits from environmentally responsible materials and the performance of these materials.


Eco House, Fitzroy North Gallery


Photographer: Emma Cross

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