The Author’s House: A Place for Reflection, Inspiration, and Contemplation

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Located in Aarhus area, Denmark, The Author’s House is designed as a place for inspiration, reflection, and contemplation. It is a residential project by SLETH that hired by a private client that should also function as her everyday office get-away. With 68 m2 in size, this house is a blend of wellness and wellbeing close to its surrounding nature.


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This house sits on a natural protected area so it needs to be placed within the existing plinth’s frame and also built on premises of nature. This way can embrace and emphasize the given reservations of the protected landscape on the site.

A layout that frees out most of the square meters is the result of the function of the house as a workspace rather than a holiday home, including for a living- and workspace rather than bedrooms. The house and nature are connected to each other, creating a pleasant atmosphere that makes the work situation relaxing and enjoyable.



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All walls of the house as bookcases while the house’s doors open to create a fluent transition between inside and outside. The relationship between outside and inside is expressed in the choice of materials. There are three main materials used for this house: copper, wood, and stone.

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The stone floor is used as a carpet between outside and inside that stimulating in its colors and texture of the forest floor, running through the house smoothly. In the kitchen, ceilings, staircase, windows, walls, and furniture, the solid Douglas wooden planks are used as the predominant material to create a comfortable and warm interior. The dark brown-reddish copper facade patinates over time outside and blends with the forest and copper beech trees.



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The final result of this project is a house that has a blend of wellbeing and wellness close to its surrounding nature. It also becomes a place for reflection, inspiration, and contemplation which is good for the work joy of the client.


The Author’s House Gallery


Photographer: Rasmus Hjortshøj COAST

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