AKZ Nursery School: An Urban Nursery with Community Deep Relations

AKZ Nursery School 2

AKZ Nursery School is located in Tokyo, Japan. This nursery school got an award from Kids Design Awards in 2016 for its building design. Designed by Architizer, AKZ Nursery School comes with an urban style with deep relations to the community. This nursery school is not only awesome from its design but also comfortable for every child.


AKZ Nursery School 4

Architizer doesn’t want to make a nursery building only. They try to create deep relations with the community too despite of the urban environment. Tokyo is a modern and busy city, so hope this nursery can bring a deeper connection between the children and their parents.



AKZ Nursery School 2

The terrace area is connected to the dining area. From this terrace, the children can enjoy their lunch and see the beautiful courtyard. This terrace has a large door that can be opened easily, allowing the sunlight to come freely.



AKZ Nursery School 3

The courtyard of AKZ Nursery is kind of an outdoor playground for the children. This courtyard is full of green plants and big trees. There is also a small house where the children can play hide and seek. They also can learn about nature in this courtyard.



AKZ Nursery School 1

The dining area in AKZ Nursery is a warm area. The interior is full of soft color, especially on the furniture and the wall. Both of the floor and the ceiling are designed with wood materials. There is also a comfortable seating area with a glass wall, offering another perfect spot for the children to see outside.

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