Residence of Sauternes: A Modern House Interior with Beautiful Wood Design

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BOIS ET NATURE Construction Inc is the general construction of this beautiful house interior called Residence of Sauternes. This house is designed typically just like another house but there is one thing that makes it looks different. The interior is decorated with beautiful wood material on its floor and ceiling, even some of the furniture comes with the same wood style.


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Residence Of Sauternes 12

The focal point of Residence of Sauternes is located in the kitchen. This kitchen is not big but it is very interesting. You can see the beautiful wood is used to decor the ceiling complete with the lamp too. The white floor fits well with the wooden floor.



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The kitchen interior is a combination of some different materials even when the wood material still dominates this room interior. The kitchen island and the cabinet looks beautiful in white color. The hexagonal tiles create a cute decoration near the kitchen sink. The stools fit well with the kitchen island.


Living Room

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Inside the living room, once again you can see the beautiful ceiling is decorated with the wooden board as a place for the lights. This room feels warm with the wooden floor, classical piano, and also two big chairs. The windows have shades that can be used to control the intensity of sunlight that come into this room.



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The staircase is big with the same wooden steps as the floor around it. The use of white color on the whole house interior makes Residence of Sauternes simple and also beautiful. The wall along the staircase is decorated with some artistic big frames.



Residence Of Sauternes 8

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The bathroom looks unique and interesting with the small tiles on the wall. The toilet looks stand out on the black wall and floor. The storage still has the same design with the storage on the kitchen, the combination of wood material and white color.


Upstairs Bathroom

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Residence Of Sauternes 7

Residence Of Sauternes 2

The second bathroom is located on the upstairs of the house. This bathroom is completed with the big bathtub, a shower, a large mirror, and also beautiful wooden storages. The entire wall in this bathroom comes with a different look which is unique and interesting to see.


Before Work

Residence Of Sauternes 1

Here are some photos of the house before the work. Residence of Sauternes looks old and not interesting at all. The interior doesn’t have any modern touches at all. The whole room looks the same without any interesting things.

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