Eastern TV: An Industrial Office Building for A Media Production Company

MG 12992

Eastern TV comes to BergDesign for this industrial office building. This company is a full-service media production company with a fast growing. It becomes a reason why they need a new office just like this one. The office offers an awesome look of an industrial interior design. BergDesign completes the construction in 2014 with 5,000 square feet in total large.

Commercial Building

 MG 1286+copy

This commercial building of Eastern TV is located in New York. The building is designed for the increasing staff of the company. BergDesign hopes that this building can be the best place for the staff to work in such as a great company.



 MG 1289

 MG 1297+2+copy

The interior of Eastern TV building is full of industrial styles. The ceiling is decorated with pipes and also big beams. The beams are designed together with the wooden pillars too. The individual workspace is divided well by white dividers. Creating comfortable workspaces for the staff.



 MG 12992

This building consists of workstations, conference rooms, a kitchen, server rooms, and also individual edit rooms. The architect wants to design complete facilities for this company, especially making a good space for the staff to work.



 MG 13002

A strong industrial design can be seen once you enter this building. With the wooden floor and the beams, the workspace feels so unique. The modern touch comes from the divider and the clear glass doors inside the workspace.

Via bergdesignarchitecture

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