Weifang Art Museum Center: A Modern Art Museum with Traditional Chinese Culture

Weifang Art Museum Center 1

Weifang Art Museum Center is an art museum with a lot of functions. It can be as exhibitions, collections of artworks, auctions, and much more. This museum is located at a triangle-shaped slope landscape in Weifang, Shangdong. The whole building is designed for one year, 2014 to 2015. The interesting thing about Weifang Art Museum Center is the traditional Chinese culture on its architecture.

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Weifang Art Museum Center 6

Weifang Art Museum Center 1

Previously, an art museum is only used to show the artwork collection. Today, it can be the best place for exhibitions, auctions, and etc. Weifang Art Museum Center has a major space to facilitate the art collections to be displayed.



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The inspiration for Weifang Art Museum Center design and architecture comes from the traditional Chinese culture. The culture is about calligraphy form and based on Tai Chi “Ying” and “Yang”, different but also mingle. If you see it at a glace, the form looks like a snake.

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The building design also breaks the rule of a traditional building. Usually, a traditional building is designed in strictly different parts of the roof and the wall. With gradient and the grasses, Weifang Art Museum Center gets a chance to extend the environment on to its building.



Weifang Art Museum Center 2

When people visit this art museum, they can floor the sloop which is covered by grass to the top area of the building. The whole building is used as a sightseeing platform. The high virescence rooftop is a public area which can be visited through the entrance.



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Weifang Art Museum Center 5

The elevation shows the slope which is covered by grass. All visitors can start their visit from this area to go to the rooftop. The grass makes the slope looks interesting, it feels like walking on a green ground but actually, it is a part of a building roof.



Weifang Art Museum Center 3

The building facade is made of a chamfer with several straight lines design. The curved surface looks like the airplane wings, it leads the air flow and makes a good air circulation system for the building. The public spaces of Weifang Art Museum Center are formed by a half-enclosed plaza from south of China courtyard.

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