Löyly: An Undulating Building with A Public All Year Round Sauna Experience

Löyly 12

This easy-going undulating building is located on the Helsinki seashore. It sits in a former industrial area called Hernesaari, Finland. Löyly is a public building project designed by Avanto Architects with 1071 m² of the gross floor area. Completed in 2016, this building offers foreign visitors a public all year round sauna experience.


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Hernesaari area will be built into a residential area. A new use is also already developed for this area while waiting for future change. The development of the easy-going undulating building comes from the traditional sauna that is more part of the future coastal park landscape.



Löyly 9

Löyly 10

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It is not a conventional building but it has awesome views open up to the city center and also the open sea between wooden lamellas. A huge outdoor auditorium can be formed by the whole building. This auditorium can be used for activities on the sea.



Löyly 12

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The use of chosen materials, unique shape, and the development make this building ables to offer a public all year round sauna experience for visitors. It is one of the best places that must when visiting Finland, a perfect building for friends and family to enjoy with stunning views of the sea.


Löyly Gallery


Photography: kuvio.com, Marc Goodwin / Archmospheres.com, My Volvo Magazine Winter 2018/2019 Patrik Johäll

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