OA Kindergarten: A Rare and Modern Kindergarten with A Warm Atmosphere

OA Kindergarten 4

OA Kindergarten is one of the unique kindergartens in Saitama, Japan. It has a rare design for the interior and exterior that cannot be found on any other kindergartens. Connecting Containers brings this awesome kindergarten to give a comfortable and good facilities for every kid. OA Kindergarten has a warm atmosphere because of its wood material.


OA Kindergarten 1

The terrace is another awesome space in OA Kindergarten for the kids to spend their precious time. All surface of this space is decorated with wood, including the wall, ceiling, floor, and also the storage. The glass door is wrapped in a black frame.



OA Kindergarten 2

The warm atmosphere is not only located inside the building of OA Kindergarten but also located on the exterior of the building. With the wooden stairs, sand, and trees, the kids can enjoy the natural warmness once they step outside the building.



OA Kindergarten 3

OA Kindergarten has been designed in a modern style with a warm atmosphere. Wood becomes the main material to design this kindergarten building. The floor, the ceiling, and the building structure are originally built with the best wood material only.


Container Kindergarten

OA Kindergarten 4

OA Kindergarten also can be called as a container kindergarten. The architecture design of this kindergarten building looks like a big container. With some large windows on the building wall, the connection of parents who accompany their kids to study feels so strong when they see their kids through the windows.

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