Cultural Center Belfeld: A New Cultural Center Building with New Volumes and Bright Colors

Cultural Centre Belfeld 6

The main hall and activity areas in this current cultural center building are demolished to make way for new construction. The new cultural center building for Cultural Center Belfeld is designed by Jeanne Dekkers Architectuur and completed in 2013. The renovation for this new building in Belfeld comes with a new volume while the bright colors can improve orientation.


Cultural Centre Belfeld 1

Cultural Centre Belfeld 2

Cultural Centre Belfeld 3

The current cultural center in this project is the site of a former furniture factory in the center. The library and sports hall remain but the activity areas and main hall are demolished for the new construction. The new building can create a new square at Julianastraat and it also forms a new route through the center together with the Koninginneplein and Muldersplein.



Cultural Centre Belfeld 4

Cultural Centre Belfeld 5

Cultural Centre Belfeld 6

The new square also creates one of the two entrances to the building where people can meet and gather. With its round shape, the design of this square is close to the Belfeld’s village character. The entrance at the square and at the Hamarplein are inviting and transparent, giving easy access to the new central lobby.

All functions are also located around these entrances such as the existing library, three activity areas, the main hall, and a bar. There is a connection to the new health center and existing sports hall inside the building that have their own entrance from the square.



Cultural Centre Belfeld 7 Cultural Centre Belfeld 8

A transition from the lower library to the higher sports hall is created by the new volumes while the brickwork’s horizontal bands can determine the building look from the square. The building facade has nods that articulate the masses and provide a dynamic perspective of the building. All things inside the building are visible through the large windows. The brickwork refers to the local use of bricks of the area, consists of awesome different colors.



Cultural Centre Belfeld 9

Cultural Centre Belfeld 10

The light and openness in the building interior ensure a good slightness and a clean internal organization. The colors of the building improve orientation while the natural materials provide a warm atmosphere. It is an awesome cultural center building that fits in Belfeld and also proud of by all residents.


Cultural Centre Belfeld Gallery


Photography: Jeanne Dekkers Architectuur

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