Residence C.A: An Integration Project of Art, Culture, and Space into One Unity

Residence C.A 6

The design concept of Residence C.A from W&Li Archinterior Design is about integrating the space, art, and also culture into one awesome unity. The result makes this awesome space has an interesting image and infinite imagination in life. The delicate transitions with the texture, hues, and divisions will create a spatial esthetic experience for the people in their living space.

Life Imagination

Residence C.A 2

Residence C.A 6

The architect transforms Residence C.A into a living place with a lot of life imagination for a better life. They hope the design of Residence C.A interior can be a good way to shorten the long distance between people and the elements.



Residence C.A 8

Residence C.A 3

The integration of different characters and media in Residence C.A will support a creation of spatial esthetic experience and awareness. Surely, it will help the people who live in an urban environment to consolidate and strengthen the life autonomous environment.


Design Operation

Residence C.A 4

Residence C.A 11

The design operation of Residence C.A is built with the new first urban landscape. The landscape is about creating a bright-to-dark scenic framed view inside the space. It starts with a prelude then bright image for the interior design.



Residence C.A 5

Residence C.A 10

The relationship of the space depth with the person inside Residence C.A starts to show the transitions with some different elements like hues, textures, and also divisions. The ceiling is decorated with mirrors that make space looks larger than it seems.



Residence C.A 9

The serene lighting and shading have been revealed by the dramatic chapters of the space. The lights come from the cracks of slices in horizontal and longitudinal dimensions. These lights are designed in all rooms, including the master bedroom.


Unlimited Imagination

Residence C.A 1

The copper wires and Prussian blue with the sparse gold are used in every room corner, including the entryway. Those make an awesome connection to all spaces inside Residence C.A. Once you enter the entryway, you will be welcomed by the unlimited imagination of the interior design.

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