Palma Plaza 6

Palma Plaza: A Big House with A Modern Material Palette and Clean Contemporary Interior

Palma Plaza is a house project by Dick Clark + Associates located in Austin, Texas, the US with 3,300 SF n size. This big house sits on a quiet residential street close to downtown Austin, designed with a modern material palette and an inspiration from the existing neighborhood forms. The clean and contemporary interior is blended with a warm and inviting atmosphere to fit the house’s old neighborhood.

Skybox 8

Skybox: An Ultra-Contemporary Residence with A Buried Garage under the Main Floor

This completed project is about an ultra-contemporary residence located in Tarrytown, Austin, Texas, USA. Skybox has elegant and simple forms cantilever overs its buried garage under the main floor while the dining/living area floats over the driveway. Dick Clark + Associates designs this house based on the concept that comes from editing the layout and the shapes to fit the site.