5 Magnificent Living Room Walls Decorating Ideas

Clover Lane 9

A living room can be the most comfortable room in your home when it has a decoration. You can decor this room easily, especially by using its wall. Wall decoration is not only about photo frames, you can also use a mirror or painting it with brighter colors. If you need more ideas, here are some magnificent living room walls decorating ideas to inspire you.


1. Clover Lane by OFFICIAL

Clover Lane 9

With natural lighting, the living room in Clover Lane looks beautiful and inviting. In order to complete the contemporary interior in this house, the living room is decorated by an artistic art on its white wall. The lighting helps this room a lot to highlight this art.

Photography: OFFICIAL


2. Villa 118 by Denis Rakaev

Villa 118 7

Designed as a modern living place, Villa 118 has an elegant living room with a strong appearance. This living room uses circular ring LED to decorate its wall. For the entire room, this room also uses a grey sofa and rug.

Photographer: Andrey Avdeenko


3. Kasumiso by Denis Rakaev

Kasumiso 1

This futuristic apartment uses a wall art to decorate its living room wall. Kasumiso is an awesome project with a combination of Italian and Japanese interior design. The yellow accent from this wall art becomes the main highlight within the neutral atmosphere inside the room.

Photographer: Andrey Avdeenko


4. The Moon Box Apartment by Denis Rakaev

The Moon Box Apartment 10

Designed as a comfortable apartment with modern interior, The Moon Box Apartment uses a wall art and neutral color for its wall. The combination of yellow and grey of the sofa match well with the colorful wall art.

Photographer: Andrey Avdeenko


5. Dom DG Ujejsce by Widawscy Studio

Dom DG Ujejsce 11

This simple house has a modern interior design in its living room. Dom DG Ujejsce utilizes a room storage to decorate its wall and also two lamps that come in black. The entire decoration of this room is about combining neutral colors like grey, white, and black to create a modern appearance.


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