5 Top Small Kitchen Decorating Ideas

Carlton Cloister 1

By decorating your small kitchen, this room will feel more spacious than it seems. A small kitchen is very easy to decor. Choosing different materials and colors, using wall art, or putting a pot of beautiful flowers is perfect. The best decoration for your small kitchen can create a comfortable atmosphere too while you are cooking. Here are some top small kitchen decorating ideas for you.


1. Carlton Cloister by MRTN Architects

Carlton Cloister 1

With the contemporary interior in Carlton Cloister, its kitchen looks awesome. The small kitchen decorating idea in this kitchen utilizes different colors and materials to create a contemporary and interesting decoration. The result is an elegant small kitchen where the owner can cook comfortably.

Photographer: Shannon McGrath


2. West Wing House by MRTN Architects

West Wing House 6

The main decoration of the kitchen in West Wing House is the wood elements. These elements come from the kitchen storage, kitchen bar stools, and kitchen island. In order to create a decorative appearance, the use of white bricks also can beautify this kitchen.

Photography: MRTN Architects


3. Fairfield Hacienda by MRTN Architects

Fairfield Hacienda 1

The modern interior design in this traditional house is highlighted by the use of wood materials in its kitchen. The kitchen in Fairfield Hacienda is decorated with wooden kitchen stools, large wooden storage, and a wooden kitchen island too. For the kitchen island, the surface is made from marble.

Photographer: Peter Bennetts


4. St. Kilda Gable End House by MRTN Architects

St. Kilda Gable End House 3

Beautified with contemporary interior design, St. Kilda Gable End House has a beautiful and simple kitchen decorated in white. This color comes from its small kitchen island, kitchen wall, and kitchen storage. Two kitchen stools with different colors can complete the entire look of the kitchen.

Photographer: Lauren Banford


5. Industrial Loft by IDwhite

Industrial Loft 8

The beautiful loft in this house is designed with a modern interior decorated in a combination of different colors: black, white, grey. The small kitchen in Industrial Loft is dominated in black that comes from its kitchen set, kitchen island, and lamps.

Photography: IDwhite

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