17 Awesome Small Bathroom Decorating Ideas

Small Bathroom Decorating Ideas 1

Small bathroom needs the best interior decoration too, but of course, it will a little bit different from a big bathroom. Limited space in the small bathroom is not giving you more chances to have much decoration. You should give your bathroom no only beautiful decoration, but also useful decoration as storage too. The result will make your bathroom looks awesome and also comfortable. Here are 17 small bathroom decorating ideas to inspire you.


1. Small Bathroom Decor with White Shelves

Small Bathroom Decorating Ideas 1

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The most suitable storage that you can use to decor your small bathroom is a shelf. You can put some pretty shelves above your toilet to put the bathroom stuff.


2. Sink Bathroom Decor

Small Bathroom Decorating Ideas 2

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You can use small storage and put it on the bathroom sink. It can be a simple bathroom decor and also mini storage for your bathroom.


3. Tree-Tier Metal Storage

Small Bathroom Decorating Ideas 3

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This tree-tied metal storage is perfect to put your towel, makeup, and even books in your bathroom. Adding a pot of plant will make it as modern decor for a bathroom.


4. White Hanging Shelf

Small Bathroom Decorating Ideas 4

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When you have perfect bathroom wall already and you don’t want to make shelf marks on it, you can change the way you put the shelf by hanging it. It looks unique for a small bathroom.


5. Small Half Bath Ideas

Small Bathroom Decorating Ideas 5

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Even if you have a small half bathroom, you can still decor it nicely with wall decoration like this is one. One simple decoration is enough to make it looks cute.


6. Wall Bathroom Decor near Sink

Small Bathroom Decorating Ideas 6

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A bathroom sink is always perfect to decor with mirror. And for your toilet, try to put a small wooden shelf right above it on the bathroom wall.


7. Toilet Decor with Frame and Planter

Small Bathroom Decorating Ideas 7

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Some mini planters inside your small bathroom will not only make your bathroom feels fresh but also natural to see. You can also use small toilet paper storage then put it above your toilet.


8. Wall Planters Bathroom

Small Bathroom Decorating Ideas 8

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When you love all about plants so much, it can be your way to decor your bathroom too. Make sure you choose the perfect wall spot in your bathroom to put some fresh planters.


9. Gray and White Bathroom Accent

Small Bathroom Decorating Ideas 9

Source: pinterest

Small bathroom decoration with some colors is one of a good idea to make your bathroom looks modern. Don’t forget to put some accessories like flowers and cute bathroom rug.


10. Corner Bathroom Sink

Small Bathroom Decorating Ideas 10

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When you don’t have anything on your bathroom sink, it will make the sink looks too empty. It is recommended to put small decoration like flowers and another fresh decor.


11. Small Bathroom Makeover Idea

Small Bathroom Decorating Ideas 11

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As you can see, this bathroom makeover is trying to give the space more wooden accents, especially for the shelves and lanterns.


12. Bathroom Decor with Towel Rack

Small Bathroom Decorating Ideas 12

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Don’t waste your time to buy new storage for your bathroom towel. Using a towel rack and put it on your bathroom wall is enough to give you useful storage and also an awesome decor.


13. Blue White Small Bathroom

Small Bathroom Decorating Ideas 13

Source: pinterest

Using some beautiful color to decor your bathroom is not always about wall paint. You can use a different color on your shower curtain and towels to create bathroom decoration.


14. Farmhouse Bathroom Decoration

Small Bathroom Decorating Ideas 14

Source: pinterest

Wooden wall with wooden shelf and pretty ladder are things that you can use to decor your bathroom to get farmhouse style.


15. Warm Bathroom Decor

Small Bathroom Decorating Ideas 15

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If you need a warm taste in your bathroom, you can use soft color in it and put some candles in the corner of the bathtub.


16. Small Bathroom Spa Candles

Small Bathroom Decorating Ideas 16

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You don’t have to always to go to a public spa, just change your small bathroom into a mini spa using pretty candles.


17. Floating Shelves for Small Bathroom

Small Bathroom Decorating Ideas 17

Source: pinterest

Floating shelves above your small bathroom toilet can be very interesting bathroom decor when you know how to put and use it.

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