5 Awesome Small Bathroom Decorating Ideas

Mieszkanie W Warszawie 2

A small bathroom in your home needs an awesome decoration too. Due to its limited space, the decoration should make it comfortable and not wasting more space inside. Using a big mirror will make your bathroom feels larger or choosing different colors to create a decorative look is also a great idea too. If you need more inspiration, here are some awesome small bathroom decorating ideas for you.


1. Mieszkanie W Warszawie by Widawscy Studio

Mieszkanie W Warszawie 2

Using interesting patterned tiles or bright colors for your small bathroom is a clever idea, especially for your kids. The small bathroom in Mieszkanie W Warszawie uses green and white to decorate its interior. These colors come from the wall tiles, sink, and also rug.

Photographer: ŁUKASZ KOZYRA


2. Kamienica Warszawa by Widawscy Studio

Kamienica Warszawa 7

You can also try this decorating idea of a small bathroom in Kamienica Warszawa where small black tiles are used to decorate the entire surface of the wall and floor. In order to create a highlight in this black atmosphere, a colorful striped bathroom is chosen with a large mirror.



3. Willa W Jaworznie by Widawscy Studio

Willa W Jaworznie 1

In Willa W Jaworznie, the small bathroom is a combination of black and white. The bathtub and floor come in white while one part of the bathroom wall is decorated in black with beautiful flower art. This art is the main highlight of the decoration.

Photographer: TOMASZ BORUCKI


4. Rathmines House by MRTN Architects

Rathmines House 2

Need more simple ideas for your small bathroom? Try this one. For the shower wall and bathtub wall, the small bathroom in Rathmines House uses small green tiles. This simple decoration is completed with a white toilet and bathtub.

Photographer: Tatjana Plitt


5. Throckmorton by OFFICIAL

Throckmorton 1

You can also use a white theme for your small bathroom decoration like this one. The small bathroom in Throckmorton is dominated in white that comes from its bathtub and wall. In order to give a natural accent, the floor is designed with wood materials.

Photographer: Robert Yu Photography and Jill Broussard Photography

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