7 Amazing Home Decor Ideas for Big Living Room

You can start to decor your big living room by choosing the perfect spot to put a decoration. Painting the walls with two tones is also one of the awesome ideas to decor it. A piece of wall art, a pot of flower, or changing the shape of your sofa will be great too. If you need more inspiration, below are some amazing home decor ideas for your big living room.


1. Piersons Way by Bates Masi Architects

Piersons Way 4

The modern lifestyle and modest scale of the property in this family house can be seen in the decoration of its big living room. Piersons Way has a beautiful big living room decorated with unique lighting on its ceiling. The combination of different furniture in this room also can create a decorative look for its interior.

Photographer: Michael Moran


2. Elizabeth II by Bates Masi Architects

Elizabeth II 10

This single-family residence has a unique acoustic character that comes from a series of parallel walls. This unique character also can be seen in the living room. Dominated by wood elements, the living room in Elizabeth II is also decorated with a warm rug that puts on its seating area.

Photographer: Bates Masi Architects


3. Kiht’han by Bates Masi Architects

Kiht'han 7

For Kiht’han, the architect creates a design that takes advantage by elevating this house building, decks, pool, and the sanitary field. For its big living room, the home decor idea is about creating a warm atmosphere that comes from the interior elements such as furniture, fireplace, and even the living room rug.

Photographer: Bates Masi Architects


4. Cabbage Tree House by Justin Humphrey Architect

Cabbage Tree House 9

The renovation of a single-story brick residence in this project can result in an awesome big living room. Cabbage Tree House has a simple decoration in its living room that completed with a grey sofa, a small glass table, a big fan, and also a blue rug.

Photographer: Andy MacPherson Studio


5. Underhill by Bates Masi Architects

Underhill 8

A strong sense of Underhill can be seen in all of its rooms, including its big living room. This room is highlighted by the wooden ceiling and beautified by the combination of different colors: black, white, and grey. These colors come from the furniture, storage, and rug.

Photographer: Michael Moran


6. Georgica Cove by Bates Masi Architects

Georgica Cove 5

In this comfortable living place, the big living room is designed as simple as possible. The owner of Georgia Cove wants to have a simple living room that can entertain the guests, children, and grandchildren. Surrounded by wood elements, this room has a fireplace, two black chairs, and a large wooden table.

Photographer: Bates Masi Architects


7. Hill Ave House by Justin Humphrey Architect

Hill Ave House 5

The design of Hill Ave House focuses on the house views with the ocean and city skyline. For the decoration of its living room, the grey L-shaped sofa is chosen to give extra comfort. Its floor is beautified by a round rug placed below the glass table.

Photographer: Andy MacPherson Studio