Clover Lane: Contemporary Interior for A House with Beautiful Natural Lighting

Clover Lane 5

Clover Lane is located in Midway Hollow as an addition. The renovation of this house is done by OFFICIAL Studio, featuring with AIA Dallas Tour of Homes. According to the owner wish, this adorable house is designed with beautiful natural lighting that can make it looks brighter. The contemporary interior is also added to make Clover Lane feels more comfortable.


Clover Lane 2

Clover Lane 3

Clover Lane 10

The contemporary interior design is combined with the natural lighting of the sunlight to make this beautiful house. Previously, the house was dark and lack of natural lights. Through some large glass walls, windows, and skylights, now this house looks brighter.



Clover Lane 4

Clover Lane 5

Clover Lane 6

In order to get more natural lights inside the house, OFFICIAL Studio also designs an special space for the living room and kitchen. The backyard can be opened and added with clerestory windows, allowing the light comes to the center of the house freely.



Clover Lane 7

Clover Lane 8

Clover Lane 9

In the living room, the grey sofa is placed facing the beautiful long window. The white rack is also designed on the wall to be used as book storage and a place to display some accessories. The unique wooden wall can be seen behind the sofa with the artistic frame placed on the white wall next to it.



Clover Lane 11

Clover Lane 1

There is a long pool in the yard of the house. The owner can play volleyball or swim in the small pool house with the family member together in summer. For this landscape design, OFFICIAL Studio works together with Studio Outside.

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