5 Best Dining Room Decorating Ideas

P3 Apartment 12

As the best room to enjoy a delicious meal with your family, a dining room should have the best decoration too. By using dining room decoration, this room will be more inviting and also comfortable. You can start decorating it by choosing the furniture, lamps, or adding a rug to create a warmer atmosphere. Here are the best dining room decorating ideas to inspire you.


1. Node Living by DesignAgency

Node Living 5

The industrial interior design in Node Living is combined with some finer details. The dining room decorating idea in this co-living space follows this design theme where dining room furniture with industrial style is used to create a decorative appearance.

Photography: DesignAgency


2. Function Walls by Lookofsky Architecture

Function Walls 4

Function Walls is an awesome apartment that highlighted by modern interior and yellow surfaces. This color also can be found in its dining room where the use of wooden furniture and unique lighting is combined to create the best dining room decoration ever.

Photography: Mattias Hamrén


3. V20 Apartment by DA Design & Architecture

V20 Apartment 2

In order to complete the Scandinavian interior design in V20 Apartment, choosing colorful dining room chairs is the best dining room decorating idea here. These colorful chairs are completed by a wooden dining table.

Photography: DA Design & Architecture


4. K54 Apartment by DA Design & Architecture

K54 Apartment 3

The dining room decorating idea in K54 Apartment is done by creating a strong appearance with a black theme. In its dining room, a black wooden bench is combined with a black wooden table. This awesome appearance looks perfect with the black bar stools and black lamps in the kitchen.

Photographer: DA Design & Architecture


5. P3 Apartment by DA Design & Architecture

P3 Apartment 12

The bright atmosphere in this apartment comes from its dining room as well. P3 Apartment has a dining room decorating idea with the use of white chairs, white lamps, and an elegant wooden table. The result is a pretty and inviting dining room.

Photography: DA Design & Architecture

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