5 Best Home Decor for Dining Room

Roca Llisa 6

For your dining room, there are a lot of best ideas of home decor that you can use to make this room looks awesome. Besides decorating the dining room table, you can also decorate the ceiling by adding beautiful lighting. Don’t forget to choose dining room furniture in different colors to create a colorful appearance. Here are some best home decors for your dining room.


1. Roca Llisa by ARRCC and SAOTA

Roca Llisa 6

This awesome classic Mediterranean villa has a dining room decorated in a combination of colors and materials. Roca Llisa uses white chairs with a blackleg to complete the appearance of the wooden dining table. There are also three beautiful lightings to beautify the ceiling above the table.

Photographer: Lorenzo Vecchia


2. L106 by Pereira Miguel Arquitectos

L106 11

In L106, the dining room is decorated in simple home decor. This room is located near the kitchen and living area, decorated with a small wooden table and wooden chairs. It uses one big lighting to create a warm and beautiful effect.

Photography: Fernando Guerra | FG+SG


3. Living-Garden House in Izbica by KWK Promes

Living Garden House In Izbica 7

For this single-family house, a living-garden theme is used to decorate its dining room. Located in the same space as the living room, Living-Garden House in Izbica has a beautiful dining room with a white dining table and also white chairs. For the green theme, this room is also decorated with a green rug.

Photographer: Jakub Certowicz


4. Living-Garden House in Katowice by KWK Promes

Living Garden House 11

This unique house has a different dining room decorated in a different way too. Living-Garden House in Katowice has an elegant dining room with a dining table and chairs made from glass. Besides elegant feeling, this material also can give a luxurious effect to the interior of this house.

Photographer: Jakub Certowicz


5. Quadrant House by KWK Promes

Quadrant House 4

It is a sunniest, simple, and relaxing house with a large space of dining room that opens to the beautiful outdoor area of the house. Quadrant House only uses a black table and black chairs to decorate and beautify its dining area. This color looks in contrast with the white surface of the house interior.

Photographers: Olo Studio, Juliusz Sokotowski, Jaroslaw Syrek

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