7 Impressive Living Room Decorating Ideas

M Apartment 2

By decorating your living room, the comforts in your home will be completed. It is one of the awesome rooms in your home that perfect for relaxing with family and friends. Decorating the wall, choosing a rug, or having colorful furniture is an easy way to beautify your living room. If you need more inspiration, below are some impressive living room ideas to inspire you.


1. GARÚ Apartment by Estúdio BRA

GARÚ Apartment 12

The modern interior in GARÚ Apartment offers a comfortable place for a retired couple. The living room decorating idea in this apartment uses wood elements to decorate the room interior. Using a neutral color of sofa and rug is also a great idea to match with the wood elements.

Photography: Maíra Acayaba


2. PIRAJÁ House by Estúdio BRA

PIRAJÁ House 16

The contemporary interior in the living room of PIRAJÁ House is realized by using some contemporary decoration too. Besides the concrete staircase, this living room is decorated with a leather chair. There is also a white sofa and a small wooden table.

Photographer: Maíra Acayaba


3. SABA Apartment by Estúdio BRA

SABA Apartment 15

Designed as a comfortable living place for a young couple, SABA Apartment offers a contemporary interior that decorated in a simple way. The living room decorating idea in this apartment utilizes the storage to put some decoration. In order to create a natural appearance, a grey sofa and wooden furniture are placed in this room.

Photographer: Maíra Acayaba


4. Requetefalla by LoCa Studio

Requetefalla 7

This apartment offers a modern interior and an open warm space as well. The small living room in Requetefalla located in the same space as the reading area, decorated with wooden furniture. This furniture can create a warm atmosphere and natural look too.

Photographer: Monica Lau


5. Can Ghalili by LoCa Studio

Can Ghalili 6

Can Ghalili has a comfortable living room decorated in a simple way. There are two artistic photo frames that put on the floor, leaning against the textured wall. A bookshelf is also designed in this room to provide the best storage, transforming the room into a reading room

Photographer: Pol Viladoms


6. E Penthouse by Keren Offner Design

E Penthouse 4

It is a large apartment with a modern interior design. E Penthouse decorates its living room by using a black sofa, two white tables, and a warm grey rug. It is a simple living room decorating idea for every modern apartment that easy to be done.

Photography: Keren Offner Design


7. M Apartment by Keren Offner Design

M Apartment 2

As a modern living place, the living room in M Apartment is also beautified with modern decorations too. This room has a beautiful white sofa, two black chairs, and two rounded tables. In order to complete the decoration, a grey rug is also used to create a warm atmosphere.

Photography: Keren Offner Design

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