5 Coolest Bedroom Decorating Ideas

F12 Apartment 8

As a private room and the main room for you to relax, a bedroom needs awesome decoration. This special room can be decorated in many ways. You can start by choosing different colors for the bed, using aesthetic arts for the wall, or decorating it with unique furniture. If you need more ideas, below are some coolest bedroom decorating ideas with stunning inspiration for you.


1. F12 Apartment by Prusta Ltd Architecture and Construction

F12 Apartment 8

You can try a simple bedroom decorating idea in this modern apartment. F12 Apartment uses wood materials to beautify its white wall. For the bed, the combination of green and grey can create an interesting appearance as well.

Photography: Darius Gumbrevicius


2. O1 Apartment by DA Design & Architecture

O1 Apartment 3

Need more warm atmosphere and elegant style? Try this one. The bedroom decoration in o1 Apartment utilizes dark colors to create a strong appearance. The combination of grey and black from the bed, lamps, and even the wall in the bedroom can transform this apartment into a comfortable living place.

Photography: DA Design & Architecture


3. Old Town Apartments by Prusta Ltd Architecture and Construction

Old Town Apartments 7

The contemporary interior and rich, harmonious design can be found in the bedroom of Old Town Apartments. The decoration comes from the use of contemporary furniture and exposed beams on the ceiling. Beautiful abstract patterns on the wall also can complete the entire look of this bedroom.

Photography: Leonas Garbaciauskas


4. House in Mariampole by Prusta Ltd Architecture and Construction

House In Mariampole 6

In this large living place, the bedroom decorating idea is about using warm accents and colors to create an inviting feeling. The bedroom in House in Mariampole has neutral colors on its bed while the wall behind the bed is a combination of black and white with beautiful tree patterns.

Photography: Darius Gumbrevicius


5. Mans’s Home by Prusta Ltd Architecture & Construction

Mans's Home 10

For you who need more ideas to create a comfortable bedroom for a man, try this one. Mans’s Home has a simple bedroom decorated with neutral colors. The bed and curtain come in grey while the natural accent comes from the wooden wall behind the bed.

Photography: Darius Gumbrevicius

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