7 Home Decor Ideas for Kitchen

Sliding Doors 5

There are many things inside your kitchen that you can use as an object to decorate, such as a kitchen island or kitchen cabinet. Adding a chalkboard is also a good idea too for decorating, including writing your recent menus. Explore more home decor ideas for the kitchen below to get more inspiration.


1. Sliding Doors House by CplusC Architectural Workshop

Sliding Doors 5

The modern kitchen in Sliding Doors House is decorated by adding some wood elements that come from the ceiling, floor, and furniture. For the lighting, adding light bulbs is awesome as well. With the white surface as the main background in this kitchen, the looks come very naturally.

Photographers: Murray Fredericks and Michael Lassman


2. House of Parts by CplusC Architectural Workshop

House Of Parts 11

Designed as a modern house, a home decor idea for the kitchen in House of Parts looks awesome with its long big kitchen island. This kitchen island becomes the main highlight to beautify the kitchen interior, completed with wooden stools as well.

Photographers: Jackie Chan and David O’Sullivan


3. Frankengray House by CplusC Architectural Workshop

Frankengray House 4

Transformed and designed for a modern family, Frankengray House offers a creative home decor idea for its kitchen with different colors and materials. This kitchen has a decorative brick wall, a wooden kitchen island, stools in a square shape, and also beautiful lightings that added to its ceiling.

Photographers: Murray Fredericks and Simon Whitbread


4. Hillsborough by Studio VARA

Hillsborough 9

Gold and wood colors meet in this awesome kitchen. Besides wood materials, a home decor idea for the kitchen in Hillsborough also utilizes beautiful patterns of marble for the kitchen island and wall. The gold accent from the lighting suites well with the wooden floor and storage.

Photographer: Matthew Millman Photography


5. Kentfield by Studio VARA

Kentfield 8

The new interior design of Kentfield also can be seen in its kitchen. This awesome home has a kitchen decorated and dominated in wood materials from its kitchen island, cabinet, and also the kitchen nook at the corner. With white surfaces of the wall and ceiling, this kitchen looks awesomely brighter.

Photographer: Bruce Damonte


6. Villa Lima by Johan Sundberg Arkitektur

Villa Lima 3

In this year-round house, a home decor idea for the kitchen utilizes a natural appearance that comes from wood materials and a bright color: white. This combination not only brings a natural look to this kitchen in Villa Lima but also a brighter and more inviting feeling.

Photographers: Kasper Dudzik, Vidir Geirson


7. SoMa Loft by Studio VARA

SoMa Loft 6

This 12-year-old loft has a beautiful kitchen located in the same space as the living and small dining area. The concrete ceiling of the kitchen in SoMa Loft can add an industrial touch while the wooden floor and furniture can create a natural look, combined with soft colors like white and grey.

Photographer: Bruce Damonte

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