5 Amazing Kitchen Home Decor Ideas

Portal House Manly 9

In order to create a rustic look for your kitchen, you can use wood accents in varied shades. When you want to have a kitchen with a modern appearance, you can use white elements to decorate its interior. There are a lot of other things that you can do to decorate your kitchen and turn it into an amazing room. Here are some amazing kitchen home decor ideas with the best inspirations for you.


1. Portal House by Adriano Pupilli Architects

Portal House Manly 9

A bright and fresh atmosphere in Portal House can be seen in its kitchen. This kitchen is decorated with wood elements that come from its furniture and storage. The wood color is combined with the beautiful white surface from the ceiling and wall tiles.

Photography: Adriano Pupilli Architects


2. Bush House by Archterra Architects

Bush House 11

Wood elements dominate the kitchen in Bush House. This living place has a spacious kitchen space decorated in wood. This wood material comes from the kitchen island, kitchen rack, and kitchen storage as well.

Photographer: Douglas Mark Black


3. Farm House by Archterra Architects

Farm House 10

As a modern Australian farmhouse, the kitchen in Farm House looks simple and also adorable. This house uses wood material as the main decoration. This wood material is combined with the wall tiles and the white surface of the kitchen island to create an elegant look.

Photographer: Douglas Mark Black


4. Wilderness House by Archterra Architects

Wilderness House 5

With a large area of glass and a modernist elevated platform, Wilderness House can evoke a feeling of being in an open space. For the kitchen, the use of a simple wooden kitchen island that combined with a white kitchen set is a simple decoration to create a modern appearance.

Photographer: Douglas Mark Black


5. Paddock House by Archterra Architects

Paddock House 7

This family house has a spacious kitchen with a big wooden kitchen island as well. The beautiful wood color of this kitchen island is the main decoration for the kitchen in Paddock House. This wood color is also supported by the same color that uses for the ceiling.

Photographer: Douglas Mark Black

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