5 Awesome Home Decor Ideas with Plants

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Using plants is one of the easiest ideas to decor your home. Besides decorating your home, plants also can create a fresh atmosphere inside your home spaces. Plants are also perfect for any room and any design theme. Here are some home decor ideas with plants to make your home looks awesome. Check them out!


1. E-Type House by RTA Studio

E Type House 8

Besides its unique roof, E-Type House also has awesome decoration on its interior space. In its living area that faces outdoor, two small plants are hanged to create a simple decoration. By hanging the plants, you just need ropes. This way also will not spend your home spaces.

Photography: RTA Studio


2. Passive House by North River Architecture and Planning

Passive House 11

This single-family residence has a simple interior design in its living area. A beautiful vase with flowers is put on the table in the living area of Passive House. It is a simple decoration but it ables to make this area looks pretty.

Photographers: Deborah DeGraffenreid, North River


3. Aintree House by Atlas Architects

Aintree House 10

Plants are not only perfect for your public spaces but they also can be used to decor your private spaces such as bathrooms. In Aintree House, its modern bathroom is decorated with two plants. One plant with its white pot is located at the corner of the room while another one with a big grey pot is put near the two bathroom sinks.

Photographer: Peter Bennetts


4. Brodecky by Atlas Architects

Brodecky 14

The modern living room in Brodecky is dominated by neutral colors such as white, black, and grey. Within these beautiful colors, a pot of plant is put at the corner of the room near the windows. It is a simple decoration for your home, especially to fill the empty corner of the room.

Photographer: Tess Kelly Photography


5. EDGE Technologies by Fokkema & Partners

EDGE Technologies 14

The decoration with plants in this new developer headquarters is also perfect for your home. EDGE Technologies has an awesome building that uses plants to decorate its interior. These plants can be found at the corner of the room, including in the kitchen area. Some plants are hanged on near the lamps in this kitchen area.

Photographer: Bram Vreugdenhil


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