Frankengray House: Transformation of a Mid-20th-Century Brick Bungalow to a Sustainable Home

Frankengray House 8

The transformation of Frankengray House is made for a modern family. This cellular and inward-looking mid-20th-century brick bungalow turn into a sustainable home with a design from CplusC Architectural Workshop’s team. The transformation hopefully can meet the family need with their modern lifestyle.


Frankengray House 1

Frankengray House 2

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CplusC Architectural Workshop designs careful planning to create private bedroom spaces on the first floor of the house and social spaces on the ground floor. The kitchen turns into a pivotal room that connects the indoor living spaces and extending out to the double-volume outdoor living space and garden.

Frankengray House 4

Frankengray House 5

Frankengray House 6

There is high-level glazing that allows the natural northern light enters the heart area of the home. This light also enters the home through the double-height stair hall to the entry area. With enough lighting, this home can have enough lights during the days and create a brighter interior to highlight some of the interior elements.



Frankengray House 7

Frankengray House 8

This house is designed opens to the generous garden in the north area. With a timber pavilion, the neighbors on the three sides can be screened visually. Frankengray House also can create a peaceful oasis for the clients and their young family within a dense suburban context of the house site.

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