5 Cool Home Decor Ideas with Rugs

Besides insulating a person’s feet from a cold tile or reducing sound from walking, rugs also can be used as a room decoration. Comes in various materials, shapes, and colors, rugs are perfect decorations for any room in your home. In order to enhance the decor of your room, perhaps the cool home decor ideas with rugs below suit your taste well.


1. Rozelle Burrow by Benn and Penna Architects

BURROW LowRes 08

Rozelle Burrow has a simple modern living area decorated with a grey rug. This awesome rug is placed right below the wooden table, in the middle of the living area. Besides providing a warmer feeling, this rug looks awesome with the wooden floor of the room.

Photographer: Benn and Penna Architects


2. Balmain Rock by Benn and Penna Architects

Balmain Rock 5

As a restoration project, Balmain Rock has a small living area with a natural appearance and comfortable atmosphere. This area has an inviting sense where the awesome rug is combined with the grey sofa. The texture of the wall also creates a unique look for this room.

Photographer: Tom Ferguson


3. Balmain Pair by Benn and Penna Architects

Balmain Pair 6

Located on the area under the staircase, the living room in Balmain Pair is very comfortable as an entertaining room. This room is decorated with a grey rug and simple furniture. The warm sunlight enters this room through the window’s shade, adding natural lighting as well.

Photographer: Benn and Penna Architects


4. Glebe Red by Benn and Penna Architects

Glebe Red 7

As a modern living place, Glebe Red provides a decorative and also comfortable space for a large family. In its modern living area, the dark floor is covered by a simple rug. This rug not only decorates this area but also completing the entire design of the room interior.

Photographer: Tom Ferguson


5. Highlands Escape by Benn and Penn Architects

Highlands Escape 8

This tiny house has a reading room decorated with a colorful rug. Highlands Escape has a comfortable reading room where the rug doesn’t only use to create a warmer feeling but also used as an awesome decoration with its different colors.

Photographer: Tom Ferguson