5 Amazing Home Decor for Small Spaces

Contrast House 14

In order to make your small spaces at home feel larger, you can try to decorate them in a simple way. The limited spaces don’t mean you can’t add some decoration to your small spaces. These limited spaces mean you need to be more creative to create comfortable small spaces for your family. Need more inspiration? Below are some amazing home decors for small spaces to inspire you.


1. Contrast House by Dubbeldam Architecture + Design

Contrast House 14

In this old residence, the small reading area is decorated with a long wooden table and a high bookshelf. Contrast House uses the wall near its staircase as a bookshelf. Besides its black appearance, this bookshelf is also a creative way to not wasting more space in this reading area.

Photographers: Tom Arban and Bob Gundu


2. Annex House by Dubbeldam Architecture + Design

11 Annex House Dining Room Photo By Tom Arban

In Annex House, the dining area and kitchen are separated by big wooden storage that used as a dividing wall. In this dining area, the use of black chairs and black lightings within the wood element surrounding is an awesome idea for the decoration.

Photographers: Tom Arban and Bob Gundu


3. Roscoe House by Akin Atelier

Roscoe House 2

The home decor in the bathroom of Roscoe House is a combination of texture and materials. The wall and floor of this bathroom are beautified by the beautifully textured tiles. Above the wooden sink countertop, the use of a big mirror can make this room feels larger.

Photography: Akin Atelier


4. Pearl Valley 334 South Africa by ARRCC and Gardiol Bergenthuin Architecture

Pearl Valley 334 South Africa 5

You may also use the home decor idea from this big house for your small spaces at home. In Pearl Valley 334 South Africa, the interior is decorated by the beautiful lightings in the dining and living area. Awesome lighting can create a beautiful effect in your small spaces.

Photography: Antoni Associates


5. Restio River House by ARRCC

Restio River House 2

The rustic decoration in Restio River House comes from the table and chairs in its reading area. The bookshelf is made from wood while the white wall is decorated with some small wall arts. These simple home decors can make your small reading area look unique and also inviting.

Photographer: Adam Letch

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