Villa Lima: A Year-Round House with Modern Design for A Flexible Family-Lifestyle

Villa Lima 6

Constructed in 2008 by Johan Sundberg Arkitektur, this a year-round house is designed for a young couple in Höllviken. Villa Lima has a modern design to accommodate flexible family-style at the same time. With the most economically feasible solution and good design, this house can offer more additional benefits for this young couple daily live.


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Villa Lima is designed with the most economically feasible solution which is known as a ” 1.5-story house” especially for this project. This solution fits with the most common type of houses in Sweden, especially in the southern area. It also can create some additional benefits of the house and allow for the preservation of the site’s trees.



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For the design, this kind of housing is a challenge for the architect. Its traditional pitched roof is combined with a more austere formal expression, especially at the edges and the eaves beyond the walls. Glazing is also combined with some spare skylights with the steel-reinforced timber frame, allowing the surrounding nature and natural light comes into the house easily.



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The building opens from the traditional ground floor on both corners and through the upper story of the house. Some sight lines penetrate the house with the windows that can create frames for the surrounding nature of the site. The house design is also made to establish a ’prismatic’ formal expression and create a good interaction between the volumes without other elements or details. While some smooth pine panels are used to cover the facade in a dark grey matte paint. The glazing systems come from Schüco.



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In order to welcome winter, big storage is made as a place to keep the wood stock for the house fireplace. From the distance, the small balcony is very easy to be seen with its sliding glass door. A deck is designed right outside the kitchen and dining area, creating an enjoyable view for the young couple while they are cooking or having dinner.


Villa Lima

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