Skazka Residential: A Unique Interior with A Positive Mood

Skazka Residential 36

Recently, Asya Zadikyan shared her latest project called Skazka Residential. It is a complex with 33 low-rise chalet-style houses located in one of the most picturesque places in the Moscow region, the Pavlovskaya Sloboda area. In this complex, there is an apartment that has two floors with an open plan and 90 m2 of the total area.

Asya Zadikyan defined the design of this apartment as a pop art style, a little restrained and less rebellious without any usual sense. The bright colors, as well as unusual shapes and textures, evoke genuine emotions in the entire space of the apartment.

The goal was to create a unique interior with a positive mood. It is a cozy interior with discreet but expressive pieces of furniture and decor, rich colors, calm backgrounds, and enveloping shapes. It makes one doesn’t want to leave soon from here yet live here and feel the cozy atmosphere every day.

Special attention was given to the interior of this apartment so the designer immediately imbued it with energy. The designer also ordered the paintings needed from the artist with their own unique graphics and colors and also purchased several ready-made wall panels.

The wall on the second floor was made completely decorative by using voluminous, abstract, soft-shaped elements and painting it in one background color. For specific areas, decorative elements were selected specifically based on shape, scale, and color.

Skazka Residential Gallery

Designed by Asya Zadikyan

Photos by Mikhail Chekalov

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